Friendship Bracelet Kit: Party Favor Idea / Great Gift for "Tweens"

If you were an 80's child you'll certainly remember making and swapping colorful "friendship" bracelets with your friends.  Like most of our childhood favorites, friendship bracelets have made a big comeback!

If you have a teenager (or "tween") check out this tutorial for a cute and inexpensive friendship bracelet "kit" from Eighteen25.

The "kit" includes:

  • A decorative clipboard (the clip holds the top of the string while the crafter is "braiding").
  • An inexpensive embroidery floss organizer.
  • A collection of embroidery floss.
  • An elastic (like a headband) to hold it all together.
  • And a downloadable "label".

These would make fantastic & creative gifts for the teens and "tweens" in your life or if you are planning a birthday party or sleepovers you may want to consider using these as "favors".  The complete tutorial can be found here.