DIY Message Center / Magnet Board - Perfect for Teen Rooms

If you have a teenager chances are their walls are covered with photos, cards, notes..etc.

Here's a simple & fun project that will help them de-clutter their walls while adding a pop of style and color.

Source: crate.typepad.com via Traci on Pinterest

These magnet boards were created with baking tins.  Yes, baking tins!  You can grab inexpensive ones at Wal-Mart, Albertsons, etc...(usually less than $5.00).  Spray them using metallic spray paint (available at craft and hardware stores) in the color (or colors) of your choice and use wall-hanging adhesive on the back to hang them (like command strips).   You can also spray them with chalkboard paint and turn it into a message center / magnet board!

...and the best part?  Making magnets!  You can get packages of magnets (or strips) at local craft stores and attach them to anything (calendars, photos, greeting card cut-outs, etc..as long as they aren't too heavy).

I love picking up scrapbook embellishments (like pop bottle tops, flowers, buttons, etc..) and gluing magnets to them.

You can read the full tutorial (and enjoy additional magnet ideas) right here!

Share, and enjoy!