From Trash to Treasure - Red Button Mirror Redux

Project Shared by Traci Anderson

A few years ago I bought a “vintage” mirror at an estate sale. …(“vintage” meaning cheap, old and falling apart).  I loved my grungy mirror and proudly  hung it in three different homes.  However, my “antique” mirror aged with every move.  The corners were pulling apart and the paint was peeling off so I decided to give it a more fun, whimsical and modern feel inspired by this craft project my daughter created for me in her kindergarten classroom.

The only supplies I needed were my wide-framed mirror, a few bottles of tacky glue ($3.99 each) and four large boxes of buttons purchased at JoAnne's Fabric for $5.99 each and a bottle of red spray paint ($2.50).  I also needed a little help....

My kids happily glued the buttons onto the mirror for an hour or so while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

This was the result which I considered leaving “as is”…but it was a bit much for my entryway where I’d planned to rehang it.

…and a close up of the fun colored buttons…

…finally, two coats of wagon red spray paint…and “wa-la”….

….the entire redux (not including my cheap garage-sale mirror) cost a little over $30!

When I think about my kiddos and I spending a few hours laughing & glueing buttons on together it makes me love it even more.

Do you have a craft project to share with us?  We'd love to share it here or in the magazine!  Take some photos and tell us all about it!