Get Your Garden Ready with Free Coffee Grinds from Mountain Mudd (4/11-4/23)

Yes, you read that right *grinds* - the leftover part of the fantastic Mountain Mudd brews.  And why would you want coffee grinds?  Because Mountain Mudd is celebrating Earth Day (from April 11th-23rd) and they want to share them with you (for free).  Since I don't have a green thumb, here's what they have to say about "recycling" coffee grinds.

Coffee grounds are great for organic living and can be used for:

1.Compost. Coffee grounds add great texture and acidity to compost. They have been known to accelerate the composting process because of nitrogen levels in the grounds.  2. Fertilizer. If you don't have a compost bin or pile, you can add grounds directly to the soil around your flowers and plants for extra organic fertilizer.  3. Pest control. Some insects have been rumored to hate coffee!  4. Arts and crafts such as soaps, candles and fossils.

You can pick them up at any of the 10 Yellowstone County locations or at the corporate office downtown at 2120 3rd Ave. N.