Family Fun Night Idea: Play Chopped!

My husband loves to cook and fortunately the kids and I LOVE to eat.  Recently he introduced our family to the Food Network television show "Chopped" where  contestants are given three to five  random ingredients that they *must* use to complete a dish that will be judged.  The loser is "chopped" and the winner continues on for the chance to win $10,000.

Since my kids (ages 6 & 7) love to cook (and love the show) we decided to let them do their very own Chopped competition this weekend.  While I would like to take credit for the idea here's the real source.  My friend, Mrs. Susie Homemaker.

I set four "ingredients" on the table that they had to use (ham, pickles, cream cheese and peanuts) and I gave them 15 minutes to complete their dish.   My son made a ham sandwich with cream cheese "frosting" and pickle & peanut "garnish".  My daughter made ham, pickle and cream cheese "roll ups" with tortillas with a peanut "appetizer".  Naturally, they were both winners and both took home the grand prize of $1.00.  Plus, I didn't have to make lunch. ;)

Next week, the parents are going head-to-head with the kids' picking the ingredients.   Let me guess...cereal, peanut butter, fruit snacks and gummy bears - game ON!

If you are looking for a fun family night, try your own version of Chopped.  If you have small children, let them pick the ingredients and  the grownups can be the cooks.   If you have older children pick out some simple ingredients and let them be the cooks, while you be the judge..if you dare.

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