Community Service Spotlight: Rebuilding Together

Most of you are probably familiar with the television program, Extreme Home Makeover where community members volunteer to radically remodel (and usually rebuild) people's homes who are struggling.  Billings is fortunate to have an agency in our community with volunteers that do the same thing (on a smaller scale, of course) and without the fanfare.

Rebuilding Together volunteers use their time and talents to serve multiple families by meeting critical needs (like heating, accessibility and safety repairs).  At a time in which many families are having to choose between purchasing basic necessities vs. making home-improvements & repairs, this agency is truly a blessing to so many people.

Do you know of a low income family  that could use the services of Rebuilding Together.  Would you enjoy helping with home-repairs, painting or supporting Rebuilding Together financially?  Click here to learn more about the application, process & volunteer / sponsor opportunities.