Did SFM go AWOL From Your Facebook News Feed? Here's a Quick Fix

You may have noticed that Facebook has made some major changes lately in terms of how business / organization pages are displayed.  They've also made some changes in terms of what content is displayed on your newsfeed.

I only noticed because I wasn't getting status updates from my favorite 80 year old uncle and my parents were.

So, if SFM has gone AWOL on your Facebook feed...

Here’s a quick fix:

  • At the Top of the Home Page, click “Most Recent”
  • In the Drop Down Arrow, select “Edit Options”
  • A box will pop up. with that drop down arrow select “Show Posts from All of Your Friends and Pages.”

...and there you have it.  Now you can still get updates from your long lost friends, SFM & 80 year old uncles that are on Facebook.  ;)

Please share this information with your friends and "like" SFM on Facebook if you haven't already.  We are posting event updates & lots of other great resources daily!