Our Exclusive Interview With Santa Claus

by brenda maas

pictures by jana graham

‘Tis the Season—the Christmas Countdown has begun. Households are a flurry of activity—baking cookies, trimming trees, making lists and wrapping gifts. In Billings, many are wishing for a White Christmas. Across the city, it’s likely that most little girls and boys are a bit out of their element, crazy with activity and anticipation of the arrival of The Big Man himself. And, although Santa is not known to give exclusive interviews, mainly due to time constraints, he took a few minutes earlier this year to sincerely answer a few in-depth questions from Billings-area children.

How do you get across the world in one night?

Brett age 9

Oh—it’s quite a ride! I use a magical sleigh and a time-delayed clock…I can’t stop time but I can delay it.

How do reindeer fly?

Alex age 7

Honestly, I don’t know…the reindeer are the elf’s responsibility and they take care of it. Unfortunately, Santa has a lot for answers, but not all the answers.

What do you do all the rest of the year?

Connor age 12

Santa has a regular job. I live in a regular house, and you never know when you might see me. The elves work all year long and build toys and maintain things at the North Pole, but I’m just a regular guy about town.

How do you make all those toys? What does that part look like?

Cal age 8

The elves work all-year round, but we do get some stuff from the manufacturer, like video games and computers, because we can’t make it all at the North Pole. They help us fill the wish lists of all girls and boys, and that’s why you want to get your wish list in early.

What do reindeer eat?

Mia age 7

All the normal deer stuff—hay, grass and oats. But, and this is important, they all have sweet teeth—they love sugar! It can sometimes be a real problem…I bet your mom or dad says that, too.

Are you real?

Blake age 10

As long as you believe, Santa Claus is real. The day you quit believing is the day I quit coming.

Do reindeer like baby carrots or regular carrots?

Julianna age 5

Oh, that’s a good one! Reindeer like baby carrots because they are bite-sized.

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