Garden Fun!

Garden Fun!

Spring is here and it is definitely time to spruce up our outside space as well. Here are a couple of great activites that you can get ready now to enjoy all summer. It is exciting creating this decor as well as playing with it later. Grab the kids and have some fun!

chalk it up

These pots coated in chalkboard paint are fun for little hands to decorate!

Materials needed:

Terra cotta pots of any size

1 spray can of chalkboard paint

acrylic paint in desired color(s)

colored chalk


In well ventilated area spray pots with chalkboard paint. Use as many coats neccesary to cover. (This should be done by an adult)

Tape off rim of pot and apply acrylic paint in desired color.

Once dry, draw with chalk! Use a wet cloth to erase and draw again!

Poetry Pebbles

While they are admiring the garden, encourage them to use their words!

Materials needed:

flat rounded pebbles

acrylic paint

stamps or fine point permenant markers

1 spray can of indoor/outdoor satin varnish


Coat each stone with acrylic paint. Once dry, apply words with stamps or markers. Coat with varnish to finish.

(If young children are using acrylic paint be sure to protect clothing and surfaces.)

Uncanny luminaries (online bonus!)

Decorate these luminaries to make your summer nights glow

Materials needed:

Empty soup can(s)

Hammer and nail

acrylic paint

paint brushes for adding details

battery powered tealight candles


Peel labels off of soup can and wash thoroughly. Fill with water and freeze (This helps the can retain it’s shape to punch holes). When frozen take the nail and hammer small holes in can in whatever pattern you choose (this should be supervised by an adult).

Empty ice out of can and dry thoroughly. Paint desired color and let dry. Place tealight candle inside to light.