Racing Around

With the Magic City Quarter Midgets Association

Many NASCAR drivers started their racing careers in quarter midget clubs just like the one we have right here in Billings. Many clubs, including Billings, provide instructional racing opportunities for entire families. Young boys and girls love to race and mom and dad can get involved in the fun as well. Most clubs are nonprofit operations dependent on volunteers.

The cost to get into quarter midget racing is very manageable and on par with the costs of other outdoor sporting activities. The fun can begin once you have purchased a new or used quarter midget. A quality used quarter midget will cost around $1,500 and a new one can cost up to $5,000 or more depending on your individual racing requirements and pocket book.

Age Requirements

The cars are driven in competitive races by kids between the ages of five and sixteen years of age. In the early years, most kids learn the basics of how to operate the midgets. However, it is not unusual for many five year olds to obtain and master enough skill to get into the winner’s circle to the surprise of their older competitors. Trophy awards are given for every race which adds to the excitement.

Is it Safe?

Quarter midget racing has enjoyed the finest safety record of all organized children’s sports. This safety record does not just happen but is a result of diligent training. Safety starts at the beginning of each racing event. Each car is physically inspected and every driver is required to wear proper racing equipment consisting of helmets, full body racing suits, gloves, arm restraints and neck collars. Safe driving habits are infused into the children from the very first time they visit the track.

National Support

Quarter Midgets of America (QMA) is a national association that establishes rules for safety, car and engine specifications, racing program format, rules of conduct and general track operation. QMA is a non-profit organization that is funded through annual membership dues of $100 per year as well as sponsorship donations.

Why Join A Club?

Quarter midget racing is a family sport. Few sports permit all members of the family to actively participate. Parents help run the race program.

Racing teaches sportsmanship and a genuine respect for others through team work.

Racing teaches driving coordination and a sense of timing along with the ability to develop racing strategies.

Respect for rules is developed since track rules are enforced. Infractions can result in disqualifications.

Safe driving skills are developed. The racing experience is invaluable as children become adult drivers and apply their learned driving skills.

Self-Confidence. Drivers develop confidence as they learn all the facets of racing and rely on themselves to prepare and race in the events.

It is possible to test drive the quarter midgets. For more information contact Rod Lorenz at 652-0004 or 591-1850 for sign up information.

Magic City Quarter Midgets

2009 Race Schedule

Billings Motor Park (BMP)

Track Location: Highway 87 North (towards Roundup)

3rd Gate North of Highway Marker 16 (just north of the BMP sign)

Magic City Quarter Midgets is free and open to public.

Seating is available and concessions are available.

May 10 Sunday 11:00-3:00

May 17 Sunday 11:00-3:00

May 22 Friday Call for times – State Race

May 23 Saturday Call for times - State Race

May 24 Sunday 11:00 Regional Race

June 7 11:00–3:00

June 21 11:00-3:00

July 11 6:00pm

July 12 11:00–3:00

July 25 6:00pm

July 26 11:00–3:00

August 8 6:00pm

August 9 11:00-3:00

For additional information call Rod Lorenz at 652-0004 or 591-1850