Online Winter Fun!

by becky berg

Create a virtual snowflake; build an online snowman, read a story about Penguins and more!  Enjoy these online resources with your kids during winter vacation.  To easily access all of the resources listed below, go to www.simplyfamilymagazine.com and click on this month’s issue to find the handy links in our online version of this article.

Make a Flake!


    Make a virtual snowflake! This is really quite amazing as you have an online scissors to cut your snowflake.  After you have created your snowflake, you can email it to a friend and save your snowflake as a .jpeg file. 

Make a Snowman!


    Click and drag various pieces to make your own virtual snowman. Then…wouldn’t it be fun to write a story about the adventures your snowman takes?

Experience Penguin Penguin!

by Margeret Hillert


    This link includes a non-fiction story and photos about penguins.  A great feature of this online story is that students can either click on the ear to hear the page read, or simply click on a word for pronunciations. 

The Polar Express and more!


    The Polar Express is a beautiful story written by Chris Van Allsburg.  The Polar Express is read by Lou Diamond Phillips (LaBamba). This website has actors and actresses read stories and it also provides additional story-related activities. 

Play Winter Simon Says!


    This website has kids play an online Simon Says game in which they must pay close attention to the sequence!

Snowman Jigsaw Puzzle


Click and drag the pieces to create a really cute snowman picture!

Winter Match Game


This site has kids play an online concentration game that includes a variety of winter images. SFM

Becky Berg lives in Billings with her husband and two boys ages 7&4.  she develops and facilitates various courses in the areas of technology and education.