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10 Tricks for Getting Your Kids to Keep Their Rooms Clean

February 23, 2023

by cora gold, guest contributor

Messy rooms can be frustrating for any parent, especially when you have little control over them. Step in with these easy tricks to help teach your child how to take care of their room so they can have a space they're proud of.

1. Teach Them Difficult Tasks

You are your child's first role model, so it makes sense that you should be the one to demonstrate tasks for them. Teach them how to clean - it might be second nature to us at this point, but they are new to the game. They can learn how to change bedsheets and wash windows properly by watching you do it. Then, when they're old enough, they can do it themselves without worry.

2. Get Them Excited

Getting your child excited about their room can motivate them to keep it clean. Have they just started school? You could encourage them to keep their room clean by getting them their own desk they can use for their homework. Adding something new to the room can help them feel more responsible and entice them to keep it clean.

3. Chore Schedule

Chore schedules are great because the whole family can spend more time together once the tasks are done. Remember to tailor the chores to them specifically, as something might be too much for them and too challenging to complete on their own.

4. Use a Reward System

Kids will be more motivated by rewards than anything else. Until they can learn the value of keeping their rooms clean, consider offering incentives. You might make them their favorite meal or take them on an adventure in return for them cleaning their room once a week. In time, you'll figure out what works best for your family.

5. Move Things to Shelves

Shelves are easy to install and they're an excellent way to get rid of clutter without taking up floor space. While floating shelves can't really conceal clutter, they're a great way to display things that mean a lot to your children without taking up much space.

If the items are purely decorative, you can put the shelves higher on the wall and out of the way, so energetic children won't knock them down. Lower shelves or shelving units can teach your kids to put away certain things, like books or toys. It's an easy way to tidy a room without taking up too much space.

6. Lay Down Ground Rules

Your children need a space that solely belongs to them. Instead of mandating that they should clean their room every day or every week, you might say they need to clean whenever they can't see the floor or some other quantifier. It might encourage them to start tidying up on their own so they don't need to have a deep cleaning.

7. Let Them Make Their Bed

Making your bed is a quick way to tap into your energy for the rest of the day. Many people who make their beds in the morning say the success in a small task early in the day helps them be more productive and a tidier room improves their mood. The mental effects of tidying up the small things are worth it.

8. Set Clean-Up Times

An easy way to manage clean rooms is to ensure there are a few minutes of cleaning up every night. This time will allow your child to pick up their toys and put away their books. Since they won't be spending a lot of time cleaning (think, tidying), it likely won't lead to cleaning burnout and your child will be happy to participate for a few minutes.

9. Look for Things That Spark Joy

The KonMari Method is easy for children to understand and follow. They simply look through their things, keep the sentimental items and discard or give away the things that don't. By decluttering their rooms, they won't have as much to clean. It's a process that can benefit both you and your children.

10. Work With Them

Kids — especially students — often don't ask for help because they may not realize they need it. As a result, they may spend time learning how to do things the wrong way. Help your children learn how to clean their rooms effectively and efficiently and they'll be able to do it on their own in the future.

Help Your Kids Learn How to Clean

Everyone cleans differently, just as everyone learns from somewhere. Make sure your kids learn how to clean from you and take their personalities into account. A lot of cleaning for one child may not be that much to you or another child, but you should still celebrate the little accomplishments. In time, your children will learn the value of keeping their spaces clean by themselves — without any outside motivation from you.

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