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Chances are good that if you grew up in Billings, or are raising children here, at some point you have walked through the doors of the Children’s Clinic of Billings. The doors at the downtown location now open to a much more pleasant interior after an extensive remodel, featuring bright spaces flanked by colorful…(Read More)

Family dinners are a wonderful opportunity to connect at the end of the day, and valuable life skills can be learned immediately before the meal by cooking together. Kids also tend to be more eager to try new foods if they’ve been involved in some aspect of the preparation. With the help of the…(Read More)

A Swipe Away


My “ah ha” moment regarding my kids and technology came when I realized that if my kids were entertained by their bright, shiny new Kindles we purchased for Christmas, I could get more work done. Yes, I had a babysitter right under my nose! I could take additional clients, make dinner uninterrupted, and anywhere requiring…(Read More)

Come and support some of Billings’ youngest entrepreneurs at Rimrock Mall on Friday-Sunday, December 14-16, 2018 from 12-6pm with Billings Career Center Market Day.  Planet Dog Santa Stockings Spunky Sock Co. Sassy Sweaters As the result of a unique, first-time partnership involving Billings Public School Schools, Rimrock Mall, Cellular PLUS…(Read More)

Whether you’re struggling to come up with a unique gift for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list, you’re just done with buying something for the sake of buying something, or you’re over purchasing more useless stuff for your people, we’re back with an updated list of Outside of…(Read More)

“So I almost got in an accident,” said the text from my 16-year-old, new driver. Those are fun texts to receive. I was visiting with a friend the other day who also has a new driver on the road. As her daughter was chauffeuring her around town, she casually said, “I hate 4…(Read More)

Today, more than ever, teens are immersed in a technological culture that has a powerful grip on their time, their mental capacity, and their physical well-being. Mounting research suggests that the devices we thought would connect us may actually be causing harm. There is something so calming and pacifying about this magical device we…(Read More)

Social media is like candy; sweet in small doses but if overdone, it causes things to rot, becomes addictive, and brings unwanted consequences. You might be reading this missing the comparison to candy because you don’t agree that social media is sweet at all. Just so we can visit from a similar page, I…(Read More)

Among the many stages and phases of life, there is something genuinely unique about the teen years. It is a period of being on the cusp of both childhood and adulthood. There are times when they just want to be a kid, yet others when they want to be treated like an adult. A tricky…(Read More)

As Simply Family Magazine celebrated its 10th anniversary this past August, it gave us an excuse to dive back into the archives and revisit some of our favorite stories and milestones. Chief among those were the Simply Amazing Teens we’ve featured annually since 2010. It has been our privilege to share the stories and…(Read More)