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Let’s face it, moving is hard. It can be a challenge boxing up a house full of packed closets, overflowing drawers and heavy furniture. It can be even more of a challenge packing up memories and moving forward onto somewhere new. Maybe you are expanding your family and need more room, or perhaps an…(Read More)

Pulled from the pages of the June 2016 issue of Simply Family Magazine, get the how-to on creating this lovely wood slice chalkboard, found in ‘5 simple ways to bring the outdoors inside.’  In the spirit of tree houses, campouts and the great outdoors, I thought it would be loads of fun to create…(Read More)

Ahhh, accent walls.  Such an interesting and sometimes touchy subject.  If you’re debating whether or not to add an accent wall to your home, here are the questions to ask before starting, as well as my general rules of thumb and guidelines. 1. Is there an interesting architectural feature on this wall that I…(Read More)

Not all DIY projects are complicated and drawn out; that would be pretty daunting.  If you’re a bath lover and in need of a quick project this Earth Day (or any day, really), this reclaimed wood bath caddy is right up your alley. DIY: Reclaimed Bath Tub Shelf To create a shelf to hold…(Read More)

These fantastic vegetables are super easy to plant and grow; even your children can grow a successful garden! They are practically guaranteed to turn even “black thumbs” green! 5 easiest edibles to start from seed:  #5 Lettuce – Far more than the ubiquitous, watery iceberg balls found in the grocery store, home-grown lettuces include butterheads…(Read More)

pulled from the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s April 2016 issue, check out the digital edition, here!  A freshly framed printable adds a positive reminder and bright delight to your space. Get your own with this free spring printable from AKA Design: making home cozy and beautiful! Spring bloom bedding instantly transforms the bedroom…(Read More)

Spring has officially sprung! You know what that means; time for spring cleaning! Don’t worry. With this checklist and simple tips, you will have the house looking great and feeling fresh. If you like, break the list down to one room per cleaning day or, prioritize which rooms need the most attention. Consider using…(Read More)

A kitchen is more than just a stunning backsplash and gorgeous cabinets. Integrate these thoughtful tips from Beyond the Box, Inc. kitchen design expert Debbie Ferguson when planning your kitchen remodel for a space that is functional and easy to work and live in. Think about what your goals are for the space. How long…(Read More)

Love is in the air and that means it’s time to think about adding some LOVEly touches to the home! This heart string art project is so much fun to make and for less than $10.00 in supplies it’s also a pretty sweet deal. Here’s how to create one for your…(Read More)