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Adapted from Growing up, my mom was a bit of a health nut. We were basically clean eaters (lots of fruits and veggies, no processed foods) before eating clean was even cool. We almost never had junk food in the house, and I really didn’t know what fast food was until…(Read More)

Ahhh, the start of a new school year. (Mommies and Daddies everywhere rejoice!) Not that I don’t love my children, because I obviously do, but this tired mama — with a newborn mind you — needs a little break. You feel me? Because I am a glutton for punishment, I put together this small list…(Read More)

Though it may not feel like it now, the beginning of the school year means two things: the return of crazy, busy schedules (signaling a need for quick and easy dinner solutions), and beautiful, glorious Fall. Which of course means cooler temperatures, #everythingpumpkinspice, and the perfect occasion to break out the crockpot. Can I get…(Read More)

As soon as my toddler (my middle child Emma Kate) attempted to lift her leg over the side of her crib, we knew we were in trouble. I wasn’t really ready to move her, but she was. We already had her “big girl bed” set up and waiting for her; I prayed it would…(Read More)

I love my children. Honestly, I do. More than life itself. But sometimes, I have to question our decision (sanity) to have three precious darlings so close together — oh that’s right, baby number three was a surprise. A blessed surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. Most days are wonderful; some are insane. Almost every day…(Read More)

Adapted from Backyard Barbecues, neighborhood parades, fireworks with friends and family under the stars. What’s not to love about the Fourth of July? A time to remember those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, and a chance to celebrate and make new memories summer after summer. Hashtag, all the…(Read More)