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Food. It’s a drug of choice for some, underutilized medical prevention, social companion, friend, and for many, it’s seen as the enemy. It is the center of festive gatherings, the main character of many memories, and in some cultures, it’s a prized possession. In my world, the world of wellness, food is…(Read More)

Skipping Christmas


Let’s just cancel it ALL; no presents, no Santa, definitely no mischievous elf who never sits on the shelf. No hanging lights in the freezing cold, no trees to water, no annual ugly sweater party to plan, no stockings to fill, no festive wrap, and no hours of baking Christmas cookies. No Christmas play…(Read More)

He ran down the hall with excitement yelling, “I’ve got money!” He pulled his hand-painted “doggy” bank off the top of his dresser, and the next thing I heard was “where did it go?” He stood in his doorway, bank upside down, and confusion mixed with disappointment on his brow. Where had all…(Read More)

“So I almost got in an accident,” said the text from my 16-year-old, new driver. Those are fun texts to receive. I was visiting with a friend the other day who also has a new driver on the road. As her daughter was chauffeuring her around town, she casually said, “I hate 4…(Read More)

Social media is like candy; sweet in small doses but if overdone, it causes things to rot, becomes addictive, and brings unwanted consequences. You might be reading this missing the comparison to candy because you don’t agree that social media is sweet at all. Just so we can visit from a similar page, I…(Read More)

Long-term Legacy


“Legacy is not leaving something for people it’s leaving something in people.” Peter Strople What do you want your eulogy to read at the end of your life? Whoa, hold up. I just dove in too deep, too soon, didn’t I? Okay, let me rewind and pave a path to that thought. Recently…(Read More)

I recently downloaded a parenting app, typed in one of my kiddo’s information, and on the completion screen, it said, “You have 528 weeks left. Don’t miss it.” Wow, there’s nothing like a hard number thrown in your face daily to remind you of the importance of the present moment! If you…(Read More)

Does it seem to you that teamwork has become a preference versus a priority in our culture? Don’t we hear “I prefer working in a team” or “I prefer working alone”? I’m all about honoring our uniqueness, individuality, and owning the things that make us who we are, but I’m about to…(Read More)

As we pulled into the driveway of the mountainside Bed and Breakfast, a young man walked out the front door to greet us. Skinny, with a man bun, he introduced himself with a thick accent “Hi, I am Thijme.” As he showed us to our room, he began to tell us his story. He had…(Read More)

I admire people with green thumbs. I have had seasons of a valiant effort in trying to keep indoor plants alive. I currently have none so you can assume their fate. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t possess this green thumb we speak of either. We tried for YEARS to make our grass green. We did…(Read More)