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Among the many stages and phases of life, there is something genuinely unique about the teen years. It is a period of being on the cusp of both childhood and adulthood. There are times when they just want to be a kid, yet others when they want to be treated like an adult. A tricky…(Read More)

As Simply Family Magazine celebrated its 10th anniversary this past August, it gave us an excuse to dive back into the archives and revisit some of our favorite stories and milestones. Chief among those were the Simply Amazing Teens we’ve featured annually since 2010. It has been our privilege to share the stories and…(Read More)

New or updated information denoted with ** It’s a sweet experience this year in The Maize at Grandpa’s Farm. Celebrating its 21st season with a most delicious design: the Albanese Gummi Bear, which will bring fresh fun, free samples, giveaways, and photo ops that are not to be missed! Located at 58th Street…(Read More)

My First Car


Is there anything quite like the first taste of freedom that comes with getting your driver’s license and your first set of wheels? Even if sitting on top of those wheels and tires is a hail-dented, yellow-colored, boat of a car that affectionately went by the moniker, “Chaquita Banana”? Even then… It…(Read More)

There are many things that families have to take into account when they’re considering adding a pet to their brood. Granted some pets are more low maintenance than others, but if you’re going to go all in (as you should), then you have to be prepared to take the good with the bad…(Read More)

It’s been 700 days since I first met my people. Dad always likes to tell the story of how on the day they came to meet my siblings and me, they had planned on choosing my sister; but I had other plans. As my people-mom sat in the grass snuggling each one of…(Read More)

And just like that, it’s almost time to bid adieu to one of the “18 delicious summers we get with our children.” (Surely you’ve seen this making the rounds on Facebook – both a beautiful reminder and an epic guilt trip wrapped up into one charming meme). With back to school fast approaching, it…(Read More)

Because 10 years ago equals the 1990s in my head, I mistakenly think of a world that was on the verge of chatrooms; when cellphones were becoming increasingly more common, and smartphones weren’t even close to being a thing. In reality, 10 years ago we were nearly a decade into the 2000s. Ten years…(Read More)