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So everyone is home with some time off.  How can you make the best of your winter break?  What can be done to stave off both an excess of electronics but also the “I’m bored’s,” which inevitably (and kind of perplexingly) accompany the long-awaited winter break?  Here are a…(Read More)

With the holidays being the perfect time to wind down from the busy hustle of the season and snuggle up with a book – alone or with the family – consider revisiting some of the old classics (or discovering them for the first time!). One of the great things about the classics is that you…(Read More)

[Singing] Jaaaannnn Brett is coming to town, Jaaaaannnn Brett is coming to town…   And I could not be more excited! New York Times bestselling children’s author, Jan Brett, is currently on a cross country, 23-stop tour for her coziest picture book yet, The Snowy Nap, and Billings is one of…(Read More)

With all the talk of electronics and children – from not introducing them too early, to staying away from electronics entirely, or at the very least, implementing some serious restrictions – it can start to feel challenging to think of hands-on activities for littles. Being one who has always loved watching my kiddos get messy…(Read More)

Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner or attending as a guest, you likely need to make a side dish.  The traditional Thanksgiving dinner in my mind includes a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, dinner rolls, green bean casserole, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and of course pumpkin pie.  I’ve tried to deviate from these…(Read More)

While October brought you pumpkin spice lattes and beautiful colors, November brings parent-teacher conferences, turkey, and perhaps some early Christmas decorations.  Before we jump into the holiday season, let’s talk about adulting and those parent-teacher conferences. • What are they? • How should a parent or guardian approach them? • What kind of…(Read More)

It starts with the smell of smoke in the air and the sound of a coach’s whistle heard in the distance.  All too quickly, the mornings and evenings turn crisp along with ripe apples ready for the picking. Fall has arrived with much to offer—here are just a few items you should…(Read More)