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via GIPHY As we head fresh-faced with energy abounding into another new school year, I can’t help but think about the people who make up the other half of our equation during these nine months of the year. The Teachers. I would argue that they are part of a special group that classify…(Read More)

Teachers, they put in countless hours, share their knowledge and heart, making immeasurable differences in the lives of the students they encounter. For nine months, they are privy to all of the everyday goings on with our children. They see them at their best, their worst, and everything in between. As the end of the…(Read More)

It’s officially December, which means we’ve all officially made it (roughly) halfway through the school year. Yay for us! And if we are completely honest with ourselves, we can probably admit that our precious snowflakes’ teachers (God bless ‘em) are in need — or getting pretty dang close to being in need — of a…(Read More)

Summertime is practically upon us, which means that school is quickly coming to a close. Is it normal to feel both completely ecstatic and yet completely terrified all at the same time? I’m new to this “preschool mom” gig, and I have no earthly idea how I am going to keep my almost 4…(Read More)

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and it has me thinking about how endlessly grateful I am for those who teach my children! Theirs is a job I don’t envy and can honestly say I’m not equipped for. The patience, persistence, encouragement and joy for lifelong learning they are instilling…(Read More)

Christmas is nearly upon us and you’re probably up to your eyes with holiday preparations. Gifts are being bought, there are cookies to be made and Christmas cards to be sent. There is bound to be someone you’ve forgotten, but don’t let that someone be your child’s teacher! Teachers are sometimes…(Read More)

For the Ziegler family, education is a bit of a family tradition. Karen, and her two daughters Kristie and Katria, work in the Billings school system. Karen has worked in education for almost four decades — she taught fifth and sixth grade for 21 years before becoming an elementary principal. She is now the principal…(Read More)