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The kids are out (or nearly out) of school for the summer, which means all kinds of active fun under the sun. Bikes and boards are rolling; cool, blue water is beckoning…Naturally we want our kiddos to be as safe as possible when engaging in all of this summer fun, so let’s talk…(Read More)

Summer vacation has officially started for some, but for others, they’re still counting down the days to freedom. The school year is crazy busy and even though the “lazy days of summer” don’t necessarily include moms and dads as they continue heading to work every day, these summer months are decidedly more chill…(Read More)

We heart Summer! And we’re pretty sure you guys do, too. (You know, once you get over the initial shock of having the kiddos home Every. Single. Day.) We thought it would be fun to put together a Summer Fun Bucket List (for the kiddos and the mamas and the papas) to help us…(Read More)

Summer vacation has just barely begun, yet the fighting, bickering and shouts of “I’m bored” have already emerged! What’s a Mom to do when she doesn’t want to use her backup babysitter (aka the TV) as a time passer? Here are just a few sanity-saving suggestions! P.S. Hang with us…(Read More)