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Typically the Super Bowl rivals Thanksgiving Day itself as a high-calorie, high-intake day… which is only compounded if your team doesn’t win! #NotMySuperBowl Let’s face it, nobody is going to buy into Zucchini Fries or Lettuce Wrapped White Beans when the testosterone is flowing and cheering is wild and unrestrained. So…(Read More)

Kids are home for the summer, what better time to get them in the kitchen! Here are a few of my kids’ favorite summer snacks: This old classic of meat and cheese with crackers is made fun with the help of cookie cutters! Visual presentation can make a world of change when it comes to…(Read More)

The big game is almost here and like most of us, ordering pizza, opening a can of cheese and a bag of chips for snacks has crossed your mind. Well step away from the Velveeta! These Mexican-style snacks are easy, nutritious, and delicious – the perfect additions to your Super Bowl party! This first recipe…(Read More)

For families on the go, nuts are the perfect portable snack. To appeal to a kid’s sweet tooth, simply add honey. Our final grab ‘n’ go snack recipe in March’s Cook This series is Pumpkin Spiced Almonds. Almonds have so many health benefits including helping to build strong bones and teeth, providing healthy…(Read More)

Every mom is familiar with fruit filled bars. The downside to these bars is that they are pricey and full of sugar and processed ingredients. This recipe for Whole Grain Fruit-Filled Bars is incredibly simple to prepare, and healthy. The bars are full of whole grains and the fruit filling is low in sugar…(Read More)

Purchasing ready-made snacks has a huge plus – convenience.  However, the minuses are plentiful. Ready-made snacks are expensive, full of preservatives, high in sugar, low in nutrients, and full of unidentifiable ingredients. Homemade snacks don’t have to be inconvenient and because you control the ingredients, they can be healthy and taste delicious too…(Read More)

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and what better way to celebrate the beloved children’s author than creating things whimsical and wonderful. Come along as we celebrate Dr. Seuss with crafts and snacks… R-E-A-D: Seuss letters What you need: Dr. Seuss book. Check out a thrift store if you can’t…(Read More)

It’s the problem facing millions of parents every day – after school hunger.  Kids are starving when they leave school but the rush of activities allows very little time to eat.  A healthy snack is always best but it is difficult to find one that is portable, not messy, and easy to prepare (and, of…(Read More)

When I was pregnant with Potter J. a co-worker introduced me to the wonder that is Golden Oreo’s.  I LOVE them….we could easily sit down and eat an entire package of them on our break….maybe that is why I gained 10 pounds in a week. Well today I had the urge…(Read More)