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This article originally appeared on It has been reprinted here with permission.  Looking for simple and tasty recipes for you and your family? Momma Chef features dozens of delicious dishes featuring no more than six ingredients and requiring no more than six minutes of prep time. With the winter behind us, I am…(Read More)

You can’t spend one minute on Pinterest or five minutes talking with friends without uncovering one fact: the Instant Pot device is the absolute FAVORITE of everyone who has tried it, and even for Very Busy Moms, it can make a marvelous supper with a minimum of effort and time. Combination slow-cooker and…(Read More)

Typically the Super Bowl rivals Thanksgiving Day itself as a high-calorie, high-intake day… which is only compounded if your team doesn’t win! #NotMySuperBowl Let’s face it, nobody is going to buy into Zucchini Fries or Lettuce Wrapped White Beans when the testosterone is flowing and cheering is wild and unrestrained. So…(Read More)

Introducing Momma Chef: Bringing you fabulous recipes using less than 6 ingredients and under 6 minutes of prep time! How easy is it to make dinner while holding a 4-year-old on your hip, calming a 7-year-old throwing a tantrum and helping a 12-year-old with his homework? Sound familiar? Well…(Read More)

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the cool in the air, changing colors and time to reflect. One of my other favorite things about fall? Baking!  What could be a better excuse to bake, now that the kids are back in school than taking some time, catching up with friends, and having…(Read More)

DIY Ravioli: A Family Experience originally appeared in SFM’s September 2016 issue, get that recipe, here. Following are Candi’s recipes for Spaghetti Sauce with Italian Sausage, Homemade All-Purpose Italian Egg Noodles, and Gluten-free Egg Noodles. Spending time in the kitchen with Mom and Grandma used to be a rite of passage…(Read More)

Smoothies are one of my all-time favorite things to not only drink, but to make; throw a bunch of stuff in a blender and voila! While all that sound magically easy, there is a bit more to it when it comes to making the most of your (and your kids’) smoothies. Here are some…(Read More)

Kids are home for the summer, what better time to get them in the kitchen! Here are a few of my kids’ favorite summer snacks: This old classic of meat and cheese with crackers is made fun with the help of cookie cutters! Visual presentation can make a world of change when it comes to…(Read More)

Can you believe it? We sure can’t! Hashtag, time please slow down. Another school year is coming to a close, and summer — in all her magnificent glory — looms ever closer on the horizon. (I’m totally channeling my inner Olaf here.) You know what that means: here come sun-soaked play dates “lounging” (or…(Read More)

Did you know that March 25 is International Waffle Day? Supposedly it began in Sweden. Apparently there was some confusion regarding “Our Lady’s Day” — the two terms are very similar (in Swedish). So now both holidays are celebrated on the same date. How funny is that? Waffle Day also marks the beginning of spring…(Read More)