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Okay, so we’re officially settled into the lazy days of summer, we’ve shaken off the end of school year hangover. (So to speak). Seriously, the level of done-ness that is May for the kids, teachers, and parents is incomparable. Settled into this new routine of summer fun though we may be, now…(Read More)

We’ve talked about avoiding the summer slump by giving you suggestions to encourage reading this summer, now we’re back with an outside of the box, age-appropriate summer reading list for kiddos preschool age to 6th grade! So if you’re looking for some book suggestions before heading out to the library or…(Read More)

Each year as we approach summer vacation parents everywhere want to keep their children’s minds active. Ask their teachers and most of them will highly suggest having kids read daily through the three months of break. This sounds great in theory but we moms know that it can prove to be a challenging feat…(Read More)

Reading stimulates and develops children’s imaginations and even their IQ. Reading kindles interest, encourages curiosity, and exposes us to new worlds and experiences. Reading opens the world of possibilities to us, whether we are a 2 year old being read to, a mother snatching a few moments of book time while kids nap, or…(Read More)