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This originally appeared in the pages of SFM’s August 2016 issue. Check out the digital edition, here!  We’ve done all the things, had all the fun, heard all the whining about much boredom and more hunger, and now it’s officially (well almost) time to bid adieu to the chillax-y relax-y…(Read More)

With that beautiful last day of school looming, it’s time again for this mama to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned this 3rd grade year (a tradition started back in kindergarten). This schoolyear was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for our girl, and every time my mama bear worries threatened to overwhelm…(Read More)

Here we are. Less than two months away from becoming a family of five. In case you are wondering, we did not plan it this way. Baby Brooklyn Olivia will be our biggest and best surprise. For exactly one month we will have three children (three girls mind you) under the age of four. We…(Read More)

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’RE HAVING A BABY! Now here’s the burning question: how will you make the big announcement? The rise of social media has had an interesting impact on familial announcements. Don’t you think? Gone are the days when you could just make a quick phone call to family and friends announcing your…(Read More)

Oh, the dreaded toddler tantrum. Bless our sweet little mama (and daddy) hearts. One minute little Johnny Junior is as happy as can be — and then in the blink of an eye, he’s on the floor howling and screaming and pounding his chubby little fists as if all you-know-what had broken loose…(Read More)

Like many young girls, I fell head over heels in love at an early age. (I was three.) Except for me (unlike most), it wasn’t a fleeting, fickle love — it was the start of a deep, and all-consuming passion. One that followed me into college and beyond. Oh, the magic of baby ballet…(Read More)

From the moment your bundle of joy finally arrives everyone, it seems, is eager to meet your baby. We are drawn to new life like a moth to flame.  Navigating through the post-baby visitor scenario can be quite tricky. One local Mom recalls having just had an emergency C-section and delivering her 6…(Read More)