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I love my children. Honestly, I do. More than life itself. But sometimes, I have to question our decision (sanity) to have three precious darlings so close together — oh that’s right, baby number three was a surprise. A blessed surprise, but a surprise nonetheless. Most days are wonderful; some are insane. Almost every day…(Read More)

Here we are. Less than two months away from becoming a family of five. In case you are wondering, we did not plan it this way. Baby Brooklyn Olivia will be our biggest and best surprise. For exactly one month we will have three children (three girls mind you) under the age of four. We…(Read More)

from the pages of the October 2015 issue of Simply Family Magazine. Check out the digital edition, here!  It’s too soon (hopefully) to build a snowman, so…Do you wanna carve a pumpkin and put it on display? Whether you want to or not, the young ones in your house are most certainly on…(Read More)

Earlier this week SFM blogger, Rebekah Rae, gave us some great tips for getting through a family road trip with sanity intact – or at least tips to getting things off on the right foot. Today, because it’s Friday – and who doesn’t like a little fun (or funny) on Fridays – we’re heading to…(Read More)