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This is my first year as a mother. In the few short months that I’ve been able to claim that title, there have been so many blessings, a few tears, and one common theme that has stood out. Being a mother takes a lot of sacrifice. Before the seasoned, road weary mothers jump in…(Read More)

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s May 2017 issue. Never miss an issue, check out SFM’s digital editions, here!  article by Rebecca Stewart photos by Jana Graham Photography   Moms: no two are exactly alike, no two do the “job” just the same, yet Mom is a wearer of many…(Read More)

this blog is brought to you by guest contributor Zyana Morris, Health and Lifestyle blogger. The majority of us spend somewhere between 10 to 30 minutes getting ready in the morning, on average. However, on days when you wake up late or have one of the inevitable toddler morning meltdowns, that amount of time can…(Read More)

Think back…. Remember that job you used to have? The one which required you show up five days a week, put in your time, and reap the rewards of a steady paycheck? The one so many of us traded in, or at least cut back on, in order to embrace the opportunity to take care…(Read More)

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. (It’s Sunday…Like, this Sunday, May 8…Just in case you didn’t know, and you haven’t bought your mom a card yet — you might want to get on that.) This Mother’s Day is especially poignant for me — this is the last Mother’s Day before…(Read More)

from the pages of the August 2015 issue of Simply Family Magazine. Check out the digital edition, here!  Remember the “Super Friends” cartoon? It would come on Saturdays at 6am, and I would be sitting in front of the TV clad in Holly Hobby pj’s awaiting the weekly adventures of the Justice League: Wonder…(Read More)