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These fantastic vegetables are super easy to plant and grow; even your children can grow a successful garden! They are practically guaranteed to turn even “black thumbs” green! 5 easiest edibles to start from seed:  #5 Lettuce – Far more than the ubiquitous, watery iceberg balls found in the grocery store, home-grown lettuces include butterheads…(Read More)

With spring days happening upon us more frequently, families are excited to get outside under blue skies and bright sun. One great way to spend quality outdoor time as a family is to involve the kiddos in planting their own garden. Sugar Snap Peas are an early-Summer introduction to a super easy and tasty…(Read More)

Lettuce is one of the easiest garden crops to grow. Going from seed to salad bowl in an average of 4-5 weeks, even children can grow their own “garden in miniature” with leaf lettuce. If you start several containers, one every week or two, your family will be able to harvest and enjoy fresh…(Read More)

[slideshow]   Forget the tiller… loud and violent, belching gasoline smoke and pollution while you wrestle your planned garden spot into submission. Wrenched muscles and headaches. There is a much better way! Or, as Garden Nerds like to call it, a Mulch better way. J   My favorite garden-bed-building method is referred to…(Read More)