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One of Montana’s greatest features is its breathtaking abundance of outdoor activity. As the weather turns warmer and drier, parents begin to seek refuge from the monotony of being cooped up indoors and children are desperate for sunshine and exploration. Hiking is a healthy, inexpensive, and convenient option for many families, even those with…(Read More)

May has officially arrived, and it just happens to be National Bike Month. What better way to embrace the sunshine than with a bike ride? Biking is not only good exercise but great fun, adventurous and freeing! So pump up those tires, dig out those helmets, and get out there with the family! Here are…(Read More)

Winter started off by taunting us in December with days of ample sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures, so it is especially hard to accept that winter is here in full force with harsh temperatures and blowing snow. However, blustery weather doesn’t give us a free pass on being physically active. With the right preparation…(Read More)

We can no longer keep it at bay, Christmas Break has nearly arrived! The kids are anxious with visions of sleeping in and days spent in front of their televisions and playing with new toys. Parents are faced with the daunting task of creating a schedule for Christmas Break that keeps their children engaged and…(Read More)

We’ve emerged from a record-breaking winter – mostly – here in Montana, and visions of bright summer days are never far from our thoughts. We’re ready to ditch that winter gear (as much as anyone can in this state), and get in touch with the more outdoorsy version of ourselves. With that in mind…(Read More)