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We’re in the midst of prime holiday dinner time, and in the December 2016 issue of Simply Family Magazine we offered up Holiday Cooking 101, affectionately known among us as Holiday Cooking for Dummies, and I just happened to get to be the “dummy” in this particular situation. Never having taken the lead on…(Read More)

Trimming the tree and decking the halls sometimes calls for a design shakeup, a conversation piece and whimsical twist to the ordinary Christmas décor. On a quest for a fun DIY and vintage accent for my tree I came across the idea of making knifecicles. Yes, you read that right knifecicles. Fun, butter knives…(Read More)

With Christmas just weeks away, the physicians and staff at Billings OB-GYN Associates are back with more of our favorite holiday recipes. This time we’re bringing you recipes for a couple of main dish options and delectable desserts! From our family to yours, we wish you a very happy and delicious holiday season…(Read More)

Christmas is nearly upon us and you’re probably up to your eyes with holiday preparations. Gifts are being bought, there are cookies to be made and Christmas cards to be sent. There is bound to be someone you’ve forgotten, but don’t let that someone be your child’s teacher! Teachers are sometimes…(Read More)

It’s that time of the year again! The time to pull out the Christmas décor and get busy making your home ready for the season. I‘m afraid I have decorating ADD…I realized a few years back that I wasn’t excited to put up my tree because I was tired of…(Read More)

With Black Friday looming and the quest for the perfect gift an ever present thought on our minds, we’ve also been thinking about how much stuff we have. Not just the kids, either, there comes a time when you start thinking twice about all of the everything that accumulates over the years. So we…(Read More)

It’s that time of the year when I’m racking my brain trying to think of gift ideas for the person who has everything. Which got the creative juices flowing and I thought, “Who doesn’t love a from-the-heart handmade gift?” (Especially one that pampers?) Using ingredients I already have in the…(Read More)