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I think bok choy is gorgeous.  Pretty enough to put in a planter and have in my living room, really.  It’s probably a good thing I have a black thumb.  But when it comes to cooking it, I am semi-clueless.  I know how to use it in stir fry, but that’s about…(Read More)

Mmmmm, apples.  My family can’t get enough of them.  Most of the apples in my house disappear before I can do anything creative with them.  This morning, I snagged two huge Granny Smiths before they could get eaten and made some pretty amazing (and not bad for you!) apple pancakes. First, core your apples…(Read More)

Whether you have Cornish Game Hens, a regular old Roaster Chicken, or a Holiday Goose you can’t go wrong with this recipe. I use this for my “honey, my boss is in town and I thought we’d extend an invite to dinner!” phone call, or “my colleagues are coming over to work on…(Read More)

Wild Game Chili


It’s chili cook off time here in Blue Creek so I am excited to present my venison, or “Wild Game Chili”, as the second in my series of delicious wild game recipe ideas. I use venison in any form for this chili but I call it “Wild Game Chili” because you can substitute whatever…(Read More)

Super Sammies


Have ever wanted to create magic in the oven? The kind of magic that has kids begging, moms baking, and then one thing leads to another, and your super hero cape is billowing in the wind. I had that moment and it was amazing, so amazing in fact I am going to share with you…(Read More)

I happen to be one of those girls who loves football.  All sports, actually, but football has a special place in my heart.  My team managed to crash and burn in playoffs this year, so let’s face it, the Super Bowl becomes all about the snacks.  Maybe a tiny bit about the commercials, but…(Read More)

I am a HUGE fan of sauces with my meat, so whenever I get a chance to dip tender, rare meat into a sweet, tangy, citrusy sauce I take it. This recipe is so versatile–you can do whatever you want with it. You can make it exactly as it is, you can add your…(Read More)

What better way to have a special family moment than to gather around a well set table to eat a glorious meal that someone in your family…shot and brought home?! Okay, maybe only in Montana. This is a special shout out to all the “Hunting Widows” out there to show you how to make…(Read More)

Leftovers.  You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.  I used to think they were my nemesis but I’ve come up with a few meal solutions that clear out the refrigerator and earn oohs and ahs instead of groans. Shepherd’s Pie First of all, any leftover meat and gravy…(Read More)

What says holidays more than cranberries, apples and cinnamon?  Well, presents, maybe.  And bills, probably.  But I much prefer the smell of cranberries to the smell of my smoking credit card. I have been doing a lot of canning this year, and I recently contributed for a partial case of cranberries through Bountiful Baskets.  I…(Read More)