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Smack dab in the middle of a 99 degree summer day this DIY was just calling my name. I’ve had this vintage fan sitting in my living room since I grabbed it at an antique store around Christmastime. This July heat had me thinking it’s time to make it over. Here is how…(Read More)

LEGOs are a favorite in our home! I love that my kids are creatively playing whenever they bring them out. That’s where the inspiration for this LEGO monogram came from. This is a project that’s super fun for kids and dads to work on together. You can easily re-create this in whatever…(Read More)

It’s planting season, one of my favorite times of the year. I love changing things up a bit each year and coming up with unique ways to display flowers.  These colorful, bright fabric flowerpots are just the change your front porch needs! They can be customized in what ever fabric you choose and they…(Read More)

Earth Day is upon us, and one of my favorite ways to push myself is by using old materials in a new way.  Thinking outside the box stretches creativity.  Turning reclaimed wood into various functional pieces is a great way to save something from the trash.  To add function to our small entry, I built…(Read More)

While transforming the home a bit to get it Valentine ready, I felt the need for a touch of pink on my shelves. I browsed the craft store and found these gold letters just waiting to be jazzed up with some glitter.  Here is how I brought a little feminine touch into the room just…(Read More)

What a beautiful time of year!  Having grown up in Oklahoma, I never understood “Spring Fever” until we moved to Montana.  Now this time of year I have an undeniable urge to clean and reorganize.  Please note that I said urge.  My best intentions many times due not come to fruition.   I have found that…(Read More)

Billings Hardware is going to be hosting a Ladies Night on March 21st from 6 – 8 pm.  It’s going to be all about gadgets…gardening…friends, food and fun….(they had me at gadgets!)  Invite your girlfriends for a fun and unique ladies night out! RSVP to: We’ll see you…(Read More)