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Back to school season means more than new backpacks and fresh pencils. It’s also a great time to reassess your student’s health to make sure you’re sending them to school in tiptop shape to learn as well as participate in sports. While you’re making to-do lists to buy glue sticks…(Read More)

A well-known quote from Shakespeare reads, “If music be the food of love, play on.” One Billings teenager is hungry for a taste of more and has traveled far and wide to hone her trade. Kassidy Casterline recently visited New York City to perform as a violinist in the 2018 Middle School Honors Performance…(Read More)

As you’re out enjoying the August heat, visiting MontanaFair, camping in Red Lodge, soaking up the sun at the Oasis, or spending a night watching the sunset and a movie at the Drive-In, allow me to interrupt with a public service announcement: SCHOOL STARTS THIS MONTH! Oops, sorry I don’t mean to…(Read More)

A lot of kids are resistant to writing essays. Essays are a tough concept to master, and probably a lot more complicated than the writing your kid has been doing thus far. Nonetheless, essays are important to their future education, and, bright side, they don’t have to be a drag! You can teach your…(Read More)

Being a parent is a hard job. You’re essentially teaching your child every single thing they’ll need to know in order to function successfully in what can be a confusing, conflicted world. One topic that’s often overlooked is finance. It’s such a wide topic, with an incredible amount of material to…(Read More)

It’s midsummer, and you might be thinking, “My kids need a new plan for screen time!” The glow of Fortnite is blazing in their eyes, and the iCloud can’t hold any more selfies. We all feel the pangs of guilt when overindulgence in media has occurred. Hold tight!  Years of psychological research…(Read More)

There was a time when club sports and travel ball were not the norm, when only a handful of sports (and youth) were in on the trend. Nowadays, there are club/travel teams for virtually every sport (at all ages), and participation is deemed a virtual necessity if you want to make the school team…(Read More)

We are the chauffeurs, the unabashed cheerleaders in the stands, the provider of a steady stream of chatter (go to open gym, work hard, do your best, be a listener, hustle, you gotta [fill in the blank with your go-to post-game words of “wisdom”]…). We are the parents of the athletes. Sometimes our…(Read More)

We’ve made it through another school year, and as I sit here putting the finishing touches on this year’s trip down memory lane I’m loving summer break already. The girl is on round two of hanging with the cousins since today’s noon dismissal. I’m reveling in this back and forth…(Read More)

Simply Family Magazine has been publishing a family lifestyle magazine for our region since 2008. It was in 2010 when we began celebrating teens in our community who are worthy of recognition. We have had the pleasure of meeting and featuring some very impressive teens during the past eight years. In 2017 we expanded…(Read More)