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30 Day Yoga Challenge


So a month ago I could say I liked yoga, but now I can say that I love yoga. Why the change of heart? I completed a 30-day yoga challenge. Now when it comes to yoga, I admit I have been a dabbler. I started about 12 years ago, but practiced on average about…(Read More)

Once upon a seven year old’s dream, there was a party–not just any party mind you–a French Tea Party. With dreams of glitter and French deserts, where would we host such an event? After much thought and preliminary planning, The Moss Mansion was the perfect place indeed. With their grand staircase that…(Read More)

Edible Valentines


My kiddos and I really love Valentine’s Day. Ever since my oldest was wee, we have really enjoyed creating something special and unique. Last year, while my youngest daughter loves to give out those ring pops, my older two got in the spirit with hand cut heart people with homemade suckers, and wafer paper…(Read More)

Today feels like fall!  As much as I love summer, I have to admit that the beginning of fall is my absolutely favorite time of year.  The only negative thing about that first chilly night?  I know the end of fresh fruit and vegetables is on its way.  I love garden produce and although I…(Read More)

I believe teachers always need gifts because they have the most difficult job on the planet.  These gifts are all perfect for the beginning of school – homemade, easy, inexpensive, and thoughtful. Pencil Vase I originally saw this idea on and then my friend Tiffany made one for her favorite teacher, her mom, and…(Read More)

Bored Jar


School is almost out. I don’t know how it is at your house, but about a week after school is let out for the summer, I catch my kids saying the dreaded phrase: “I’m bored.”  After months and months in school and hoping and waiting and wishing for summer vacation, you would think…(Read More)

This is such a fun craft project for you and your kids no matter what the age.  I have seen Sharpie tie dyes all over Pinterest and decided to give it a try. Supplies Needed: t-shirt (I bought ours at Hobby Lobby for about $4 each) Sharpie markers Isopropyl Alcohol (the higher the percentage…(Read More)