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Growing up in the South (Texas no less), the month of May will forever hold a special place in my heart. For me, May is synonymous with summer. The neighborhood pool always opened in May, school let out for the year and my family usually planned one solid trip to the beach before the month…(Read More)

Not all DIY projects are complicated and drawn out; that would be pretty daunting.  If you’re a bath lover and in need of a quick project this Earth Day (or any day, really), this reclaimed wood bath caddy is right up your alley. DIY: Reclaimed Bath Tub Shelf To create a shelf to hold…(Read More)

Earth Day is April 22. I am always on the lookout for fun and easy ways to celebrate these various (Spring) holidays with my little cuties. Savannah is three and a half, and Emma Kate recently turned two — which means I usually try to keep our celebrations relatively simple. These Earth Day Sugar Cookies…(Read More)

DIY Bird Feeder


This quick and easy bird feeder uses stale bread (in this case, a sourdough English muffin), nut butter (here I use Birdalicious Bark Butter ®), bird seed blend, and twisty ties! Nothing could be simpler, and your fine feathered friends will appreciate the nutritious snack! Keep scrolling to the end for a schedule of local…(Read More)

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’RE HAVING A BABY! Now here’s the burning question: how will you make the big announcement? The rise of social media has had an interesting impact on familial announcements. Don’t you think? Gone are the days when you could just make a quick phone call to family and friends announcing your…(Read More)

The origin of Valentine’s Day is still somewhat a mystery. One legend is that our Valentine’s Day is based on the Roman’s festival called Lupercalia that warded off wolves. Another belief is that St. Valentine was a priest who served during third century Rome who married forbidden couples secretly. Yet another legend…(Read More)

Love is in the air and that means it’s time to think about adding some LOVEly touches to the home! This heart string art project is so much fun to make and for less than $10.00 in supplies it’s also a pretty sweet deal. Here’s how to create one for your…(Read More)

Recently perusing the holiday section of Target I came upon an adorable faux fur wreath and fell in love with it! The only problem was it cost $30.00! I knew I could recreate it for less than $10.00 so I set off to grab the supplies needed and got to work. Here is…(Read More)

Trimming the tree and decking the halls sometimes calls for a design shakeup, a conversation piece and whimsical twist to the ordinary Christmas décor. On a quest for a fun DIY and vintage accent for my tree I came across the idea of making knifecicles. Yes, you read that right knifecicles. Fun, butter knives…(Read More)