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Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s February 2017 issue. Never miss an issue, check out SFM’s digital editions, here!  Photos and article by Ginger Lueck Here is a fun and easy craft to make for Valentine’s Day that is cute enough to leave up the entire year long! Supplies…(Read More)

It’s arrived. The invite to the latest baby shower. Sure you could hit the stores, but there’s something extra special about putting the time, effort, and love into creating a handmade gift. Which is exactly what I want to share in this blog, how to make a super easy handmade baby shower gift…(Read More)

DIY Ravioli: A Family Experience originally appeared in SFM’s September 2016 issue, get that recipe, here. Following are Candi’s recipes for Spaghetti Sauce with Italian Sausage, Homemade All-Purpose Italian Egg Noodles, and Gluten-free Egg Noodles. Spending time in the kitchen with Mom and Grandma used to be a rite of passage…(Read More)

I hope you all had a chance to read my article on trending vintage camp trailers in the July 2016 issue of Simply Family Magazine! I know I enjoyed writing about my experiences, and taking the photos of my cute little trailer! I also enjoy all the waves and enthusiasm from admirers as I travel…(Read More)

Smoothies are one of my all-time favorite things to not only drink, but to make; throw a bunch of stuff in a blender and voila! While all that sound magically easy, there is a bit more to it when it comes to making the most of your (and your kids’) smoothies. Here are some…(Read More)

Pulled from the pages of the June 2016 issue of Simply Family Magazine, get the how-to on creating this lovely wood slice chalkboard, found in ‘5 simple ways to bring the outdoors inside.’  In the spirit of tree houses, campouts and the great outdoors, I thought it would be loads of fun to create…(Read More)

If you are a girl mommy, you may enjoy searching through Pinterest and YouTube for fun new ways to style your little lady’s hair. At first glance, these hairstyles may seem overwhelming and impossible but if you break it down into steps, it’s not nearly as daunting a task. I tried out this…(Read More)

Ahhh, accent walls.  Such an interesting and sometimes touchy subject.  If you’re debating whether or not to add an accent wall to your home, here are the questions to ask before starting, as well as my general rules of thumb and guidelines. 1. Is there an interesting architectural feature on this wall that I…(Read More)

Summertime is practically upon us, which means that school is quickly coming to a close. Is it normal to feel both completely ecstatic and yet completely terrified all at the same time? I’m new to this “preschool mom” gig, and I have no earthly idea how I am going to keep my almost 4…(Read More)

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and it has me thinking about how endlessly grateful I am for those who teach my children! Theirs is a job I don’t envy and can honestly say I’m not equipped for. The patience, persistence, encouragement and joy for lifelong learning they are instilling…(Read More)