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Summer is heading to Montana slowly but surely, and with it thoughts of all the activities we enjoy living in The Treasure State like camping, barbecues and biking. Making sure you have the right equipment for the job is necessary for each of these; no one wants to get to their favorite campground and find…(Read More)

My first inclination that something was awry were the stomach pains that plagued me after almost every meal. Within an hour of eating, I’d find myself in the bathroom, clutching my belly as what felt like the contents of a helium balloon worked their way through my system. After several months I finally scheduled…(Read More)

Women no longer know how to eat properly, and the fault lies everywhere you look. From ads to magazine articles to blogs to your friend next door, we are exposed every day to an absolute barrage of conflicting information that is supposedly “the way” you should be eating. Now I can only give another voice…(Read More)