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Money management is one of the most important life skills parents can help to develop in their children. Starting off with good habits for spending, saving, and giving will provide your kids with a foundation for financial success that will serve them their whole lives. If you haven’t talked to your kids about money…(Read More)

Garage sales and yard sales are a treasure trove of bargains, where savvy bargain hunters can find everything from barely used clothes and household goods to antiques, jewelry and collectibles. It’s a fun activity for families and it can also be a fun way to socialize. So we’ve got a few simple tips…(Read More)

Holding a yard sale can be a great way to purge, de-clutter, and get rid of things that you’re not using; turning all that clutter into cash. Here are 20 tips for throwing an awesome sale: 20 Tips to Holding a Successful Yard Sale Yard sales take time and planning, don’t wait…(Read More)

When the “I’m bored,” and “There’s nothing to do,” refrains start to reach their peak this summer, maybe it’s time to hit the road. There are plenty of family-friendly destinations within about an hour’s drive from Billings.  Here are a few mini adventures that are fun for the whole family…(Read More)

“Let’s talk about sex.” Possibly the most awkward conversation starter a parent will ever utter, but, believe it or not, it isn’t as difficult as most parents think. Mostly, because it isn’t a single conversation, but an ongoing dialogue that starts when your children are young. Here’s the best advice from…(Read More)

A few months ago, I ran into an acquaintance that had a baby just a few months older than mine. Our conversation led to a chat about breastfeeding, and while she lauded the benefits and shared her experience, I nodded and agreed, although I had almost no experience of my own. When I got to…(Read More)

Any parent of a toddler who missed a nap can see the train wreck coming from miles away. It won’t be long before that sweet little one is tired, wired, and bouncing off the walls with seemingly unending energy. The crash, as parents know, happens when that energy wanes, heading straight to an emotional…(Read More)

Are you a diehard real Christmas tree fan who couldn’t think of anything other than the scent of pine wafting through the house, or do you come from the artificial camp, preferring to hunt down your tree in the basement or attic? Either way, there are pros and cons for both. Here’s what…(Read More)

Black Friday has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed all the good deals this season has to offer.  There are hundreds of deals to be found every week, and your smartphone can help you cash in on the best savings. You may have heard it’s “all about the bass…(Read More)