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The burger, you can find it on just about any menu anywhere, but that doesn’t mean that all burgers are created equal. No, these days it’s all about the experience. Though you can certainly still get your burger with ketchup and the standard fixings, nowadays elite burger creators are letting their imaginations lead…(Read More)

As we dance a jig into the glorious days of summer, we tend to have high, albeit rose-colored, expectations about summer break. We envision making the absolute most of Montana’s glorious outdoorsy scene. We’ve scheduled, planned, and created all the summer fun bucket lists to see us through. Visions of stunning waterfalls…(Read More)

We’ve made it through another school year, and as I sit here putting the finishing touches on this year’s trip down memory lane I’m loving summer break already. The girl is on round two of hanging with the cousins since today’s noon dismissal. I’m reveling in this back and forth…(Read More)

Often when our kids start dreaming the college dream (I mean really dreaming, not the imaginings of their 9 year old selves when they swore they were going to live with us forever), they envision going away. Far, far away. Or, at the very least, to a different zip code than the one they’ve…(Read More)

Back in August when the school year began for this year’s senior class, it kicked off the bittersweet first of the lasts. Last first day of school, led to last formals, games/meets, concerts until finally, the class of 2018 will have their last, last day of high school. Graduation is officially looming; an…(Read More)

Summer Camp…The perfect opportunity for embracing new experiences, growing as a person, and learning to let go. And, hey, samesies for the kids! (What I wouldn’t give for some emojis right now…) Yes, the prospect of sending our precious beings off to an overnight camp for the first time can be somewhat daunting…(Read More)

Generation after generation one thing remains the same, the youth of the times are tremendously underestimated. They get a bad rap, kids and teens do. Sure, not everyone is letting their light shine bright, but that certainly applies to individuals in every age group, yet it’s the proverbial squeaky wheels that tend to steal…(Read More)

BAPTIST Emmanuel Baptist Church 652.3161 First Baptist Church 259.6546 LifeWay Church of Billings 655.8245 The Rock Church 628.6200 CATHOLIC Mary Queens of Peace Parish 259.7611 St. Bernard Catholic Church 259.4350 St. Patrick Co-Cathedral 259.3389 St. Pius X Catholic Church 656.2522 St. Thomas Catholic Church 656.5800…(Read More)

Easter might be sharing time with April Fools’ Day, but there’s no fooling about all the fun hopping into and around Billings for the kiddos to enjoy! Grab the baskets and follow the trail of eggs, goodies, and good times the Easter Bunny is leaving down the bunny trail!    **Indicates a new…(Read More)