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And just like that, it’s almost time to bid adieu to one of the “18 delicious summers we get with our children.” (Surely you’ve seen this making the rounds on Facebook – both a beautiful reminder and an epic guilt trip wrapped up into one charming meme). With back to school fast approaching, it…(Read More)

Because 10 years ago equals the 1990s in my head, I mistakenly think of a world that was on the verge of chatrooms; when cellphones were becoming increasingly more common, and smartphones weren’t even close to being a thing. In reality, 10 years ago we were nearly a decade into the 2000s. Ten years…(Read More)

As families are swept up in the final days of summer vacation, shopping for back-to-school, and squeezing in those last camping trips, there is one event that truly signals the approaching end to these less-structured days: MontanaFair. This nine-day extravaganza (August 10-18), with over 100 years under its belt, is…(Read More)

“I am inspired by unsung heroes, the people who every day decide to lead with love and engage fully with what they’re doing at that given moment.” –Jody Grant As we see the names of everything from Broadway touring productions and breathtaking ballets to Grammy Award-winning artists to local dance groups and performers…(Read More)

There was a time when club sports and travel ball were not the norm, when only a handful of sports (and youth) were in on the trend. Nowadays, there are club/travel teams for virtually every sport (at all ages), and participation is deemed a virtual necessity if you want to make the school team…(Read More)

We are the chauffeurs, the unabashed cheerleaders in the stands, the provider of a steady stream of chatter (go to open gym, work hard, do your best, be a listener, hustle, you gotta [fill in the blank with your go-to post-game words of “wisdom”]…). We are the parents of the athletes. Sometimes our…(Read More)

It’s the day in which we come together as a country, unabashedly patriotic, and let freedom ring with celebrations of all kinds from parades and rodeos to stunning fireworks. Discover what’s happening in our community and beyond this Fourth of July!   CLOSE TO HOME Laurel Known for lighting up the night sky…(Read More)

The burger, you can find it on just about any menu anywhere, but that doesn’t mean that all burgers are created equal. No, these days it’s all about the experience. Though you can certainly still get your burger with ketchup and the standard fixings, nowadays elite burger creators are letting their imaginations lead…(Read More)

As we dance a jig into the glorious days of summer, we tend to have high, albeit rose-colored, expectations about summer break. We envision making the absolute most of Montana’s glorious outdoorsy scene. We’ve scheduled, planned, and created all the summer fun bucket lists to see us through. Visions of stunning waterfalls…(Read More)

We’ve made it through another school year, and as I sit here putting the finishing touches on this year’s trip down memory lane I’m loving summer break already. The girl is on round two of hanging with the cousins since today’s noon dismissal. I’m reveling in this back and forth…(Read More)