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 We’ve barely cracked the seal on October, but the leaves are turning (and falling), pumpkins are  appearing, and it’s time to think about the ever- important Halloween costume. To get the wheels turning  we’ll be taking a peek at some of my favorites from year’s  past. In our house it’s…(Read More)

With “back-to-school” looming in front of us – only two weeks until the first day of kindergarten for us (sniffle) – and various sports practices already underway, not to mention the daily rigmarole that comes with life, it became increasingly obvious that we needed a new plan. As the list kept growing I realized I…(Read More)

We might be coming in a little behind the times, but the Easter Bunny bestowed upon our house, Wii’s Nickelodeon Dance, our first get-your-groove-on kind of Wii game. As I, shamefully, nearly threw my back out busting a move to Diego’s theme song it occurred to me that I might…(Read More)