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When I was 16 I started my first “official” job, I had babysat for countless families since before I was even able to open a locker, but this was different. This job had a real uniform, a hat and a check that came every two weeks and gave a significant portion of my pay to…(Read More)

If I were going to be honest with myself (and you blog readers) I would have to admit that my expectations for myself are a crazy conglomeration so unrealistic that if I tried to attain them, I’d need a full-time nanny, chef,  chauffeur and therapist  just to make it through a single day…(Read More)

Our Tooth Fairy stinks.  I’ll just throw that out there, she forgets to pick up teeth constantly.  She is sloppy, unreliable and just plain lazy.  All of my boys know that she is the biggest joke of all the fairies and they tell me so—frequently. Here is an actual transcript from a Tooth…(Read More)

People Can’t Seem to Keep it to Themselves. I have a gob of boys, they all have names that end with “er” or the “er” sound.  My husband and I picked their names because we liked them, not because we wanted to win the crabby old guy  at McDonald’s award for “Most Boring…(Read More)

On the evening of July 24th, I handed my driver’s license to a receptionist at Billings Police Department’s downtown station, filled out a release form, walked out the doors and got into a patrol car with Officer Cory Kambak.  Our night started out with the obligatory conversation—job requirements, training, and what prompted…(Read More)