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This past weekend Billings’ schools kick-started the holiday season with music and concerts at both the high school and collegiate levels.  Billings Senior High’s Madrigal Dinner: Senior High’s Madrigal Dinner is a longstanding tradition amongst both the students and regular attendees. This royal event hearkens back to the days of courtly…(Read More)

Are you looking for the best Android TV Box apps? Android Media Player is a popular addition to the advancements in the field of entertainment. Here are the best apps for your Android TV Box; YouTube kids YouTube is one of the most popular websites people use today. They have just launched their kid’s…(Read More)

Originally printed in the pages of Simply Family Magazine’s December 2017 issue. Never miss an issue, check out SFM’s digital editions, here!  My children began their Christmas lists in October. Curious to see what made the list this year, I read over my daughter’s shoulder and was shocked to see…(Read More)

This guest blog is written by Trevor McDonald Underage drinking can be a bit of a touchy subject for parents and their children. This is one of those topics that teens typically file under the “Ugh, I know, Mom/Dad!” heading because they think they already know everything. In truth, there’s a lot your…(Read More)

Building a playground for your child is exciting for both adults and kids.  There is no other better way to bond than to help create something your child can enjoy for years to come.  There is no limit to what you can build: you can make a slide, monkey bars, tunnels, platforms to climb, and…(Read More)

Even the strongest marriage can’t prepare you and your partner for everything life can throw at you. Sometimes tragedy strikes at the heart of your marriage and your life. This is often through the loss of a loved one, but can also mean a serious illness or disablement. When tragedy happens, your marriage can…(Read More)

Considering the expenses that you have already incurred as a student and the income that you are currently receiving from your job, achieving financial independence as a young adult can be extremely difficult. You would have to go through a lot just to get there. There are even some young adults who have to rely…(Read More)

This post is brought to you by guest blogger, JBtheMom  The start of school is looming once again with August officially underway. While parents can do what they can to make sure that their kids are eating right and are getting enough exercise at home, they may not be able to guarantee this once classes…(Read More)

A successful, long term marriage makes for a loving, supportive foundation as the years pass. Whether you’re an excited newlywed or have spent three or four decades together, it’s always a good time to check on your marriage and help it stay strong through the coming years. Building a successful marriage for the…(Read More)

Hindi Zeidman, founder of Ollie Swaddle—The Smarter Swaddle, is here with must-know tips on selecting the right swaddle for your baby. Plenty of evidence shows that swaddling, when used correctly, can be a tremendous way to promote safe sleeping. The Safe Sleep Guidelines from the American Association of Pediatrics are clear: swaddling helps…(Read More)