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Short-term rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO have become wildly popular in the past decade or so, and for good reasons. They allow vacationers a different option from the standard hotels, and in many cases, cut the middleman out of property management. And with little more than a few pictures and a web connection…(Read More)

Choosing Charity


As the holidays approach, donations to charities start pouring in. Billings has thousands of charitable organizations, and one of the highest rates of nonprofits per capita in the nation. With so many worthy causes, taking time to devise a plan thoughtfully helps your gifts have the greatest impact. Planning and research can also help you…(Read More)

The leaves are changing, the fall harvest is making its way to our tables, and the season of Thanksgiving is upon us. Displays of gratitude are everywhere this time of year, and it’s important to instill a sense of thankfulness in children, particularly given the looming onslaught of holiday ads in the near future…(Read More)

The idea of “giving back” to others often connotes service toward them. In fact, we might say that serving others is one of the primary ways that you and I can show appreciation for what we have been given. We might help someone with a project, contribute finances, or we could buy a meal for…(Read More)

Have you ever heard of Lithuania? It would probably take you a minute to point to its exact location on a map. My recent trip home (Lithuania) brought that thought to my mind. How often do we rush to touristy, over-advertised spots and miss out on true gems? There are the places like Paris…(Read More)

Today, more than ever, teens are immersed in a technological culture that has a powerful grip on their time, their mental capacity, and their physical well-being. Mounting research suggests that the devices we thought would connect us may actually be causing harm. There is something so calming and pacifying about this magical device we…(Read More)

In 2003, Dr. Sanjeev Arora faced a daunting healthcare crisis. As one of the only hepatitis C specialists in New Mexico, the nation’s fifth largest state, he was struggling to treat the estimated 30,000 patients who needed his care at the University of New Mexico. Hepatitis C is a common liver infection that…(Read More)

While summer has drawn to a close, the upcoming months are an excellent time to explore the great outdoors we call home. If hitting up one of the Treasure State’s spectacular National Parks, historical sites, or recreation areas are still on your wish list, it’s not too late to take a road trip…(Read More)

Screens are everywhere, and trying to avoid them is almost laughable. For many of us, our phones serve as our alarm clocks, which means a screen is often the very first thing we see in the morning. From there, we look up the weather, email, scroll through social media, and then we’re on computers…(Read More)

Let’s just say it: we all fear being stuck on a long flight with misbehaving children – yours or others. So nothing melts my heart more than receiving compliments from strangers about my children’s behavior on a flight. As parents, we survive by relying on each other for childrearing advice. Since our international family…(Read More)