Next Steps for Billings Community Playgroup


Billings Community Playgroup
Billings Community Playgroup

In the December 2014 issue of Simply Family Magazine we put the spotlight on Billings Community Playgroup to let you know that change is in the air for this community resource with 10 years under its belt. As 2014 winds down, Billings Parks and Recreation has been busily working out the details of what those changes will entail, and have shared the next steps for Billings Community Playgroup in 2015 so all current and potential participants can be in the know, in the loop, and ready to hit the ground playing come January.

Next Steps for Billings Community Playgroup

The Community Playgroup will primarily be staying the course that it’s been on:

  • Still meets on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:30-11am at the Zimmerman Center
  • Still facilitated by Triple P Instructor (Positive Parenting Program), Heather Hitt
  • Still a safe, engaging, welcoming place for parents with children ages 0-5 to gather

What’s New…


  • Registration for the Winter session will begin in December
  • All families – even those currently enrolled in Playgroup – need to register with the new Parks & Rec form (which will be available on the website soon). Current participants, look for an email coming from Heather Hitt, facilitator.
  • Registration will include purchase of a punch card. Two options: $30 for 10 punches or $60 for 25 punches. (You’ll use one punch per child per day of attendance).
  • Three ways to register…


At Parks & Rec

At Playgroup                  Credit or Debit accepted 390 North 23rd StreetCredit, Debit, Check, Money Order, or Cash accepted Zimmerman Center1801 Virginia LaneCheck or Money Order only
  • Punch cards never expire!
  • Punch cards may be kept at Playgroup. (FYI, if you choose to take it with you and it gets lost, it’s non-refundable).
  • First time attendees are welcome to attend Playgroup at no cost on their first visit to make sure it’s a good fit for their family.

There are also volunteer opportunities to help offset the fee. Participants who volunteer their time for Community Playgroup will receive punch credits:

Volunteer Activity


Tuesday morning 9am set-up (30 min) Volunteer 3 times & receive 1 free punch
Vacuum after Playgroup (10 min) Volunteer 6 times & receive 1 free punch
Sweep after Playgroup (10 min) Volunteer 6 times & receive 1 free punch
Wash Toys after Playgroup (5 min) Volunteer 9 times & receive 1 free punch
Total Clean-up on Thursday (5 min) Volunteer 9 times & receive 1 free punch
Garage Sale Prep Volunteer 1 hour & receive 1 free punch
Garage Sale Assistance – Day of Sale Volunteer 1 hour & receive 1 free punch
May Total Clean Up Volunteer 1 hour & receive 1 free punch

Parents may also apply for scholarship assistance at Billings Parks and Recreation. For more information on scholarships, call 657-8371.

One thing that SFM learned when we visited with Billings Parks and Rec’s Recreation Superintendent, Kory Thomson, and Recreation Specialist, Hannah Luedt, is that the ultimate goal in working through this next step is to once again provide this program at no cost to the community. To do that Billings Parks and Recreation is hoping to develop a new partnership(s) to make that happen. For now, though, they’re doing everything they can to make this next step as smooth as possible for families. Keep calm and play on!